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Temecula, CA Horizon

Real Estate Tax Planning with
Nate Meeker, The CPA Realtor

As The CPA Realtor, I help clients minimize their tax and optimize their real estate portfolio. I review every client's return as if it were my own. Together, we develop a custom plan to save you thousands in taxes

Nate Meeker, owner of The CPA Realtor Temecula

Nate Meeker,
The CPA Realtor


5.0 Stars

I help real estate investors just like you scale their portfolio from 1 to 20+ units maximizing every tax benefit along the way.

Offering tax planning and preparation services custom fit for the beginners who need guidance, to the experts who are starting to feel like they know more than their current preparer. 

With expertise and real life experiences most generalist CPAs are lacking, clients are often shocked at the number of mistakes found in prior years. Thankfully, we have the ability to correct this and save you money! 

Based in Southern California, serving real estate investors nationwide. 


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Personal Deals

Real Estate CPA Services Tailored to Reduce Your Taxes

For ambitious business owners looking to diversify through real estate or investors looking to scale their portfolio, partnering with a specialist isn't just a choice – it's a strategic business move.

The real estate tax code is more complex than your standard business. Unaware or sometimes in too much of a rush, many generalist CPAs overlook valuable opportunities and make mistakes that could cost you lots of money.

Tax Preparation

I offer tax planning and preparation services custom fit for beginners who need guidance, to the experts who just don't want to fuss with TurboTax.

Selling a Property

Every year I work with at least one new client who came to me after selling a home and doesn’t have the money to pay taxes because they heard conflicting advice.

Advisory Services

Often taking up 30-50% of your annual income, many taxpayers leave thousands of dollars on the table by never exploring progressive tax planning.

Buying a Property

As an investor myself, I am always looking for the next best deal. Subscribe to my buyers list for creative finance deals. 

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Clients sharing their experience with
Nate Meeker - The CPA Realtor

Google Reviews 

Nate really understands short term rental investing and related tax rules. Not only is he knowledgeable, he is prompt and detailed in his advice. He provided a detailed response, referencing specific sections of the IRS code to my questions regarding the cost segregation and possible negative AMT consequence. He did not hesitate to take my call on a Saturday.

That says a lot about his approach to business and his customers.


Tae Nam

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