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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of investors and business owners do you work with?
    I work with anyone who has at least one rental property or plans to acquire one soon. Many of my clients are growing their rental portfolio from 1 to 25+ units using their extra income from either a W2 with stock options or a successful small business. Most of my clients have short and long term single-family or multifamily homes across the U.S. Many others have commercial properties or work in the business of real estate as an agent, broker, flipper, wholesaler, developer, etc.
  • Does tax preparation include tax planning services?
    Only if you sign up for the signature or elite tax planning packages. Questions about the numbers on your return under the essential package will be answered, but any strategies or planning are unavailable unless you tell me to execute them for you.
  • Do you invest in real estate yourself?
    Yes! It is my favorite asset class. I have several long-term rentals in Florida and California. Throughout this process I have dabbled in BRRRs, flips, STRs, wholesale deals, and creative finance. I believe all paths can be successful, it just depends on what your lifestyle is. Today, I focus my time on direct mail and long-term rentals to create what I believe is the most steady passive source of income. If you are looking to scale your portfolio and need help on the acquisition side, please let me know.
  • Do you have recommendations for cost segregation companies, lawyers, or insurance providers?
    Absolutely! Please contact me for the partners who have helped me scale my portfolio.
  • I’ve never paid this much for tax preparation services, why should I start now?
    75% of new client returns that I review have mistakes that their generalist tax preparer has made potentially costing them thousands every year. Similar to fast food, your cheaper option simply won’t have the same time to provide a stellar product. Best case, they provide a return that will pass the taxing agencies audit test. Worst case (which I see frequently), they will make errors that leave you liable for thousands of dollars in back taxes and penalties. I pride myself on the ability to prepare your return as if it were my own - ensuring that you are in compliance and not missing out on significant tax saving opportunities. If you want to gamble the possibility of thousands of dollars and an audit for a cheap tax return, you’ll have to do so with someone else, that’s just not me.
  • Do you have staff?
    I do have staff that help with administrative tasks and data entry. This allows me to focus more on strategy versus just filling out the forms. Those who sign up for a tax plan will have direct access to me when they need it. My business model is to be your tax consultant, not just a preparer.
  • What types of returns do you prepare?
    I can prepare federal and state tax returns of virtually every type. Most common returns include: Individual returns: IRS Form 1040, CA Form 540, CA Form 568 for LLCs S-Corp returns: Form 1120 Partnership returns: Form 1065 State returns across the U.S.
  • Do you provide audit services?
    I do not provide audit assurance since sometimes they do pick returns at random. However, I am happy to advise you on what I think might increase your risk or help you through one if you are chosen.
  • When can I sign up?
    You can engage my services at any time, however you may need to go on extension depending on when you sign up. I guarantee timely filing for clients who are able to get me their documents by an internal deadline. Extensions provide more time to file, not to pay. There is no increased audit risk. Personally, I go on extension every year.
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