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Nate Meeker

Finally - a CPA
that understands
Real Estate investing

Book a time on my calendar to work with a tax strategist, not just a tax preparer. Together we will develop a plan to minimize your income tax and grow your rental portfolio.


As a business owner and real estate investor, I stay current with every tax saving strategy and pass that valuable info to my clients.

I help real estate investors just like you scale their portfolio from 1 to 20+ units maximizing every tax benefit along the way.

Read more about my story below.

Tax Planning

Small Business Owners

"Nate is great to work with. He answered every question as well as gave good advice for how changes would impact my future tax liability. I would recommend him to anyone looking for tax preparation services, especially those with real estate investments.

- Christopher Otani

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This is my journey as
a CPA and Real Estate Investor 

Nate Meeker, UC Santa Barbara



I graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Economics and Accounting. Working my way through college and investing in the stock market, I was able to purchase my first condo rather soon and rent out the extra bedroom before I even knew "house hacking" was a thing.

In 2017 I became a fan of the Bigger Pockets Podcast. Three months later I began my long distance investing journey and put 20% down on a single family home in Florida without ever seeing it in person. Since then I have completed BRRRs (Buy, Rent, Rehab, Refinance, Repeat), flips, and creative finance deals in Florida, Indiana, Idaho, and California. 

Work Experience


My first corporate job after college was for one of the world's largest accounting firms where I got to see some of the most complex strategies the wealthy employ to reduce tax.


The traffic of Los Angeles, CA wasn't for me so I decided to move to a regional firm out of Escondido, CA where I managed a few hundred small business owners and part time real estate investors.

As I grew my rental portfolio and real estate tax knowledge, I realized the local firm I was still working for, which mind you had been in business for over 30 years, was not entirely aware of, nor educating their clients on the intricacies of real estate tax planning. 

After speaking to other investors, this became a common theme - most tax firms run on an outdated model focused on quantity not quality. 

Nate Meeker First corporate job
Nate and Bre Meeker Carlsbad, CA

Present Day


In early 2023, with the help of my wife and finally enough rental cash flow to support the jump, I started my own real estate focused tax consulting firm.

Based in Southern California, serving real estate investors nationwide, I now focus my time on real estate tax planning, preparation, consulting, and selling creative deals saving clients thousands of dollars every year across their portfolio. 

While no one truly enjoys taxes, I find it rewarding educating my clients on aggressive tax strategies, correcting errors from previous accountants, and assisting others on their journey to financial freedom via real estate. 

Clients sharing their relationship with
Nate Meeker - The CPA Realtor

Partner with a specialist.
It's a strategic business move.

Tax planning and preparation from a Real Estate Investor... for a Real Estate Investor

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