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Outsourced Accounting

Do you offer bookkeeping services?

Similar to my beliefs about CPAs who specialize in real estate, I believe your bookkeeping is best fit for someone who works in that space full-time.

Other CPA firms that offer a full-service solution to this need are most likely up-selling you and charging much higher rates.

Laptop showing accounting data

Should I get Quickbooks?

If you only have a few properties I think that you can manage it yourself. One of the easiest ways I’ve found to do this is by creating a separate bank account for each rental. Run every transaction through that account and at the end of the year you can export everything to an Excel document where you can further categorize, sort, and sum totals.

Do you recommend any other bookkeepers or software?

I have a couple of bookkeepers I can recommend to you as well as software providers other than Quickbooks. If you would like this, please email me directly at: 

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